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At Hom Atelier, you don't have to compromise on either of those. My business background enables me to design websites that actually SELL. Combine that with my attention to design and style, the result is a KILLER website that works for you 24/7.

I blend heart-led approaches in branding, like Brand Archetypes and reflective questionnaires with my corporate background. The result is a never before seen attitude towards branding and the creative process of website design. I do not only focus on aesthetics and design but conversion, do my due diligence and together we create a website that truly reflects YOU, tirelessly works to turn your visitors into clients & stands the test of time (so you don't have an urge to rebrand in 18 months).

Websites have a lot to live up to. They should be consumer-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and easy to buy from.

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I take your idea, put it through my signature, super secret branding process which will supercharge your already awesome idea. Then I present my ideas to you and together we geek out about the personality of your brand. Then I take my wand and just like Hermione ("it's levioosa!") I start the magic. The end result? A website to die for, that works for you 24/7 converting visitors into clients. Sounds good?

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